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Near Mint Colt 1849 Pocket Model, Blue, Case, Marked Kittridge and Co., Silver, Presentation
#4835 Stanley Arms SxS hammer Double, 44SHOT
25ST Spur Trigger Bird Head Grip, ROBIN HOOD No. 2, 32 cal., nickel, wood grips.
#4612 Winchester 1866 OBFMCB, early Second Model
#4938 Winchester 1873 RBFMCB, First Model 44/40 w/mortised dustcover.
V. Good Colt '51 Navy Revolver, Early, Scene, Blue, Case, Fine Bore, Tight
#4939 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB standard 24” barrel length and trigger, 38WCF
#349 Colt 1878 Double Action 45 Colt Shipped Chicago, Illinois (1892)
#4884 Colt 1861 percussion Navy, c1872
#4807 Connecticut Arms (AKA, “Hammond Bull-Dog”) Derringer, 44RF
#367 Colt Frontier Scout Nickel Revolver 22 (1961)
Fine Colt 1860 Army, .44 Cal., Scene, Blue, Martial, Cartouches, Fine Bore
#2476 Jacob Gill flintlock sash or belt pistol, 5”x70cal
#3826 Allen & Wheelock Four  Barrel Pepperbox, 34cal
#C341 Liberty 1904-S Double Eagle $20 Dollar PCGS AU50 Gold

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