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#C346 Indian 1911 Ten Dollar Eagles NGC AU58 Gold
M122 Hat Insignia 13 Infantry Company F
#4987 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x45COLT, 31XXX (1876)
#4825 Whitneyville 1879 rifle, RBFMCB 44WCF
#4794 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB 45/70 with very desirable double set triggers, 14XXX serial range (1887), VG bore
#119 Colt 1877 Model Thunderer 41 Colt
Fine Lettered Colt Lightning Lettered to New Orleans, Nickel, Storekeeper, Bore Great
Near Mint Colt 1849 Pocket Model, Blue, Case, Marked Kittridge and Co., Silver, Presentation
#C345 Indian 1909-D Half Eagles Five Dollar NGC MS61 Gold
#4769 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB standard 24” barrel
#C302 One Roll of 1879 Silver Dollar
#C307 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 18 One Each Year
#4924 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB 38WCF, 3rd Variation , 297XXX (1888)
#4957 Remington Model 1890 S/A, 5-3/4”x44/40 with fine bore
#0685 Colt percussion Paterson capper (original) for longarm

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