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#4804 Remington 1858 New Model Army, 8”x44


#4804 Remington 1858 New Model Army, 8”x44-percussion with a 8 to 8+ bore (on a scale of 10), fine tight action with good indexing and in the 57XXX serial range, c1863 at the height of the Civil War, and so is certain to have “seen the elephant”, as the saying goes. The exterior has a much better-than-average barrel address (as these are normally quite weak), and overall the condition is WELL about average with no pitting, liberal thinning barrel and frame blue and lightly worn grips that unfortunately have only a faint remnant of a “JN” cartouche remaining but still look very solid and very usable. For the Civil War buff that wants a very good reliable revolver to collect as well as shoot (after a thorough complete safety check by a competent gunsmith of course, and use with modest black-powder loads), this old veteran should make a fine shooter. About VG++/Fine. $1745

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