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#4877 Colt 1860 “Fluted Army” (AKA, “Holster Pistol”), 44caliber, 4XXX (late 1860 - early 1861),


#4877 Colt 1860 “Fluted Army” (AKA, “Holster Pistol”), 44caliber, 4XXX (late 1860 - early 1861), very good bore and action and having the less common (but correct) 7-1/2” New York addressed barrel rather than the standard 8”. Smooth even brown exterior with almost no pitting except for those few spots pictured here, fine “fluted” cylinder with matching number, and VG wood grips with minimal wear and just the one mentionable dent on the upper side of the left grip. What is unusual here is that this gun, while a martial cut-for-stock early 4-screw frame style and made in the early onset of the Civil War ….is NOT martially marked. It has no Northern inspector marks on the metal and no cartouches on the grips. My guess (and that is exactly what it is) is that this likely was a civilian purchase that was carried into the War…. and being this early in production, would very likely have been shipped to the South and thus this would explain the lack of any Northern military marks.VG++$2895

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