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#4880 Colt 1860 Army, “Springfield Arsenal”, 44cal


#4880 Colt 1860 Army, “Springfield Arsenal”, 44cal percussion, mixed numbers and having the arsenal rebuild “U.S.” marked trigger bow. With the exception of the cylinder, which is about a 5 on a scale of 10, in regards to condition (as it has serious patches of pitting) this scarce and desireable percussion Colt almost looks unissued. It has fine smooth metal with crisp markings, darker plum brown on the barrel and a lighter thin cloudy mottled grey of liberal traces of faded casecolors on the frame. Very nice grips with a readable cartouche still quite visible on the left side. Amazingly, the cylinder scene is about 50-55% intact in spite of the pitting and the “Engaged line” partially readable!! These post-Civil War rebuilds were the brainstorm of the Army in the early post CW era, much the same as the later Colt S/A Artillery was in the late 1890s. Supposedly, the Army didn’t want to arm the Texas and Oklahoma “buffalo soldiers” (black regiments) with the latest and greatest cartridge guns for fear that the soldiers would trade the new cartridge guns for whiskey, wild women, and song. So they took old Civil War Model 1860 Armies, refurbished and refinished them, stamped them with a “U.S.” on the front of the triggerbow, and thus armed the black soldiers with yesterdays old percussion technology. When found, these SouthWest guns tend to be in pretty “used up”conditions ….this one is FAR better than most. There are lots of pictures of this neat old gun, so if they all do not load up, be sure to e-mail me and I’ll forward them along to you. About “Fine+” as described. $2695

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