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#4954 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x45, 39XXX range (1877), fine bore


#4954 Colt S/A 7-1/2”x45, 39XXX range (1877), fine bore being about an 8+ on a scale of 10 and having a tight smooth action with all the clicks on the hammer. Like many (if not most) Colt S/As, it shows some cosmetic enhancing, such as the overall smooth dark plum-brown metal looks to have probably been “juiced up” with Cold Blue some time ago but is very good and basically smooth with no appreciable pitting except for some minor freckling of pitting with most of that being on the frame and cylinder. It does have the correct Bulls-eye ejector head (that looks “too good” to be the original), and the ejector housing is the later 3rd style with the non-captive rod. VG markings, although the barrel (while having the matching number) is the earlier italic style which supposedly ended the year before this guns production. This still could be correct, as there was always older parts left in bins and thus they appear out of sequence for quite a while. Standard factory wood grips with medium-heavy wear overall, especially at the lower rim edges. Overall this is considerably above the condition of most Single Actions that are usually found priced in this same pre-1880 age and this price range. Handsome mid-1870s revolver! VG as described. $3195

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