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#4971 Colt S/A, 4-3/4”x45COLT, 69XXX range (1881), G-VG bore


#4971 Colt S/A, 4-3/4”x45COLT, 69XXX range (1881), G-VG bore, about a 6+ on a scale of 10 with some moderate lead build-up and wear, no bad spots, but in need of some additional scrubbing . VG tight smooth action with all the clicks on the hammer and a crisp lock-up. The metal has a blotchy dark light to medium speckled pitting mostly on the right side; the left being much smoother with just scattered light freckling. Very good markings including the proper two-line barrel address. Very desirable “Eagle” hard rubber grips that are VERY early but still can be correct for this serial range and having about 70% wear overall. Actually, with this much wear, they more-less resemble a scraggly ole wet chicken more than a proud eagle! Still they fit the gun real well, match the condition exactly, and really do have that neat looking “SouthWest cowboy” appearance. They sure do show the many hard years of just being the working tool of some grizzled old aging cowboy, and overall, the whole gun just has that early 1880s Old West look. G-VG. $2650

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