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#4744 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB-24 inch “Short Rifle”


#4744 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB-24 inch “Short Rifle” 3rd Model, 45/60WCF with very, very fine bore (at least an 9 on a scale of 10). Fine smooth action. Serial #56XXX which dates this rifle to 1886 which was probably the year that these big Winchester 1876 Centennial Models began their popularity decline and losing their market share to Marlin Firearms the manufacturer of the new Model 1881…and also the new Winchester 1886 developement. The Winchester ’76 could not be adapted to shoot the 45Govt (45/70) round, so Winchester made their 45/60WCF. This was a priority cartridge created for the ’76 and was a slightly shorter to operate in the shorter length action. But it was not a cartridge that was readily available in the remote frontier areas, whereas the 45Govt cartridge could be found at any military fort in the West. Consequently, the ’81-Marlin became instantly popular and shoved the Winchester off their “Big Dog” pedestal. This forced Winchester to hire John Browning to quickly develop the Model 1886, which COULD chamber the 45/70 cartridge …and by 1889, the ’76-Winchester was all but dead (although a very few were still made up to 1898). This impressive rifle is above average and has liberal thin plum blue mixing with smooth grey-brown patina. The edges are sharp, no pitting, fine markings, and very nice replaced wood with no appreciable damage. It has the sporting buckhorn rear barrel sight and pinched blade front. Overall a very decent rifle with a very fine bore, and it will be pretty danged tough to find a better ’76 at anywhere this price. Okay, now that was the usual “hype”, but here is the caveat. Personally, I do NOT believe this is an ORIGINAL 24-inch Short Rifle, and likely will NOT “letter” as such. But I have not bothered to try lettering it, as I’d bet dimes to donuts that it has been shortened somewhere in its lifetime …and it also has the new wood. Consequently, that is why the much lower price than if it were lettered as correct. About VG+. $2795

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