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#4761 Winchester 1886 OBFMCB 45/90WCF, serial range 76XXX (1893)


#4761 Winchester 1886 OBFMCB 45/90WCF, serial range 76XXX (1893), G+ bore and action (about a 6-6+ on a scale of 10) with no bad spots but having some light to medium lead build-up and wear to the lands. These big bores were shallow rifled when new, so the wear is really not all that significant. But in my opinion, this will probably be best as a mid-range shooter (200-250 yards) but these so-so bores can be surprising once they are “dialed in” with the right loads. This old cannon has VERY decent wood with no slivers or serious dings and having a tight fit to the metal. Fine crisp exterior with no pitting, and just a thin grey-brown patina on the barrel, mottled grey on the frame, and a somewhat more pale patina on the magazine (which looks to me to probably be an old replacement mag tube). This big-bore Winchester has obviously had pretty decent care in its 128 years of life, and this heavy charged 45/90 round can easily be found on-line (as well as the fact it can also chamber the still available 45/70 casing). Considerably above most of the “average” 1886’s that can be found in most gun shows. VG+ $3195

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