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#4917 Winchester1886 OBFMCB, 12XXX range (1887!!), 40/82WCF


#4917 Winchester1886 OBFMCB, 12XXX range (1887!!), 40/82WCF with smooth action and about a “7+” bore on a scale of 10, showing only light leading and very light wear. With some lead remover, some good scrubbing, it may clean out even better! The exterior is a smooth plum blue-brown with no pitting, good markings, and some serious traces of blue on the lower flats of the barrel, and some thin FAINT silvery case color still evident on the receiver. It DOES show some vise jaw marks on the breech end of the barrel, but they are not too objectionable, but must be mentioned. Average wood with just light bumps, bruises, and no serious big chips, cracks, or damage. Standard sporting low buckhorn rear barrel sight, open front, and standard trigger. Just a very decent representative Winchester 1886 that shows modest use and not abused or messed over, and the 40/82 cartridge (aside of a firm recoil) is a great long range shooting round and easily formed from 45/70 (and is usually readily available from obsolete reproduction brass dealers on the Internet, as well). VG/VG+ $2550

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