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#C315 Morgan Silver Dollars 20 Different Dates MS-64


#C315 Morgan Silver dollars 20 different all of them are graded PCGS and or graded MS 64 they come in PCGS box. 1878-S, 1879-S, 1880-S, 1881-S, 1881-S, 1882-S, 1883-O, 1884-O, 1885-O, 1886, 1887, 1888-O, 1889, 1896, 1897, 188-O,1899-O, 1900-O, 1901-O, 1902-O and 1904-O.

Weight 26.73 grams - composition .900 silver .100 copper
Net weight - .77344 oz. - Diameter 38.1 mm

Shipping $10.00
Shipped U.S.Postal Service Insured.
Always check availability before ordering.
"Price subject to change without notice"

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