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M159 Colt 1950s Fishing Lure (Bronco)


M159 Colt 1950s Fishing Lure Manufactured by The Colt Distributing St. Petersburg, Florida. This is a Green, Red, Brown and White Serv-A-Lure Brand call the "Bronco Lure" come in a plastic box, this lure was for Fresh or Salt Water. New old stock with some worn handling shelf marks the lure was made out of wood this lure is in excellent condition. The Colt Distributing Company was in business in the 1950's in St. Petersburg, Florida and is a Florida Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Co. They were famous for the Serv-A-Lure that was in a glass case that set on the counters of tackle shops allowing you to self serve the lures out of the display and take to the register for check-out. Colt offered two lures, a larger one called the Bronco and a smaller one called the Pony. Both of the lures sold by the company, the Bronco and the Pony, were actually made for Colt. The Pony sold for $1.25 and the Bronco sold for $1.85 Packaging was a two piece plastic box with and insert.

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