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#M101 Colt Rare New Original Slide Stop for a 1911 Ace 22


#M101 Colt slide stop for a 1911 Ace 22. This is a very hard slide stop to come by these were issued to the military they come in the original Brown packet. Stamped on the Brown package it states "One Slide Stop Part Number 50278 - For Colt Pistol, Auto. 22 CAL - Ace, Service Model - Contract No. N195-10028 - Colt's PFA MFG CO. Hartford, CT - Method 1 Packed March 1957. This slide stop comes sealed in this package. I opened one package and took a picture of the slide stop the one I am selling comes sealed in the package. This slide stop is stamped on the back with the number 2 on it.

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