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#4545 Germanic/Belgian Trade Pistol, large military size percussion with a 9“ iron barrel


#4545 Germanic/Belgian Trade Pistol, large military size percussion with a 9“ iron barrel, approx 75cal smooth bore. Totally unmarked with the exception of the typical Belgian proofing on the top of the barrel and also side proofmarks which I THINK are German …plus, it is the typical good quality of the German weapons and does look more Germanic in manufacture rather than Belgian, approx 1850-1870. Fine mechanics, VG+ metal with no pitting. Halfstock flat-butt style stock with some missing wood beside the trigger housing (see photos) and otherwise just the usual light bumps and bruises of 150 years of minor use and storage; brass buttcap w/lanyard ring. Original iron ramrod. VG/VG+ $575

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