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#4793 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB 40/60Marlin, 28” barrel, fine bore.


#4793 Marlin 1881 OBFMCB 40/60Marlin, 28” barrel, fine bore. This impressive big-frame Marlin also was originally fitted with doubleset triggers, but the rear trigger is now missing …as well as a couple of screws which may have something to do with the set trigger system. The gun does operate without these parts, but only as a standard trigger gun. (It does appear to have some, if not most, of the DST innards, however). Very good smooth grey brown metal overall with some slight traces of original blue in the protected areas. Standard open sights but the rear sight is missing the little serrated elevator piece and the sight itself looks like a Winchester base as it does not have the little “feet” sticking out at the rear of the base. Very decent wood except the buttstock has had some over-zealous sanding and is undersized at the metal (see photos) and some chipping at the butt plate. These big top-ejecting Marlins were probably the main cause of Winchester developing the Model 1886 and abandoning the 1876 model. The caliber is a very comfortable round to shoot with good ballistics. It’s basically the same caliber as the Winchester 40/65WCF and can easily be made by using 45/70 brass as a base and reforming the case. There are lots of pictures of this neat old rifle so if they all do not load up, be sure to e-mail me and I’ll forward them along to you. Overall, about VG as described. $1525.

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