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#4544 Cased Gye & Moncrieff Double Rifle, side by side barrels, fine back action locks


#4544 Cased Gye & Moncrieff Double Rifle, side by side barrels, fine back action locks, manufactured between 1874-1879 at 60 St. James Street, London, serial number 13XX. This gun was almost certain to have originally been the British .360 Black Powder Express cartridge, but has since been relined and rechambered to accept the standard American .38/55 round sometime during its 140+ year life, and the barrels probably were refinished at that same time. It does NOT have Nitro Proofing, just the early black powder Birmingham proof marks. The bores are excellent plus (about a 9.8 on a scale of ten) and one of the previous owners said it was targeted at 100 yards to put the two rounds in the same hole (if possible!). At 50-yds they are a 1.5” spread, at 75-yds they are .5” spread, and longer than 100-yds, the bullet path will cross and then will expand outward. This beautiful little double rifle came with its original 1870's leather fitted case with the owner's initials on the outside. The sights are a ramp front with blade and silver bead. The rear tang has been fitted with a Lyman tang sight that has an adjustable BSA marked 6-aperture disc in it. The wood is a nice semi-deluxe grade of walnut and buttplate is checked horn. The stocks have no checking, are very slim and typical many high grade British guns of the 1800's. The bottom of the buttstock has a silver shield inlaid to have initials engraved, but none were ever done. It has exposed hammers and double triggers. Each sideplate has a safety pin that is operated to lock the hammers at half cock so they can't be fired. The gun weighs about 5.5 lbs., and shoulders great! It’s easy to pack all day, even without the need of a sling.
Gye and Moncrieff were both British military officers. Lionel Gye was a Lieutenant in the Royal Artillery and Lynedoch Moncrieff was a retired Commander in the Royal Navy. These two went into business together in 1874, and their business venture ended in 1879 when Moncrieff (who had left the Navy in 1873) accepted a volunteer call to serve in the Zulu War forces. He later served in the Sudan and was killed there in 1883. I can find little info on Gye's military service, or his activities after leaving the military, but it seems he was older than Moncrieff and didn't carry on with their the gun business after Moncrieff left for the Zulu War in 1879. They were listed as "Gun makers", but there is nothing in their background that would lead me to believe they knew much actually about making guns and more likely they contracted to have guns made for them by existing British companies and simply had their mark stamped on them to retail through their store. Condition-wise, this fine late-1870s double rifle will rate at least Fine+ and shows good care, but it has been used. There is some scattered pitting on the underside of the barrels, and light wear to the wood ..and the case shows use as well …and while it has the original lining, it does have wear and some small tears here and there. $3950.

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