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#4862 Smith & Wesson .32 D/A, 2nd Model with EXTREMELY low serial number


#4862 Smith & Wesson .32 D/A, 2nd Model with EXTREMELY low serial number, which was a continuation numbering of the super rare 1st Model of which only about 30 were made. This one is #133, so is only the 103rd made after the 1st model was found to have weak frame cut-outs and discontinued. This early revolver also has the scarce floral grips which were dropped shortly into the 2nd Model production run. 3”x32S&W caliber, fine bore and action, near excellent very scarce floral patterned hard rubber grips. Liberal amounts of original nickel remaining, being mostly on the frame and less on the cylinder which is typical due to wear and cleaning practices in those times. A very important S&W model, and being as the 1st Model is virtually never found (and super expensive being only 30 made), this extremely early 2nd Model is a great addition to any Smith & Wesson collection. A very uncommonly found revolver!! About VG++/Fine. $875

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