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#4827 Winchester-Hotchkiss 1879 (First Model) Carbine, 24”x45/70


#4827 Winchester-Hotchkiss 1879 (First Model) Carbine, 24”x45/70 round barrel, with a G-VG bore (about a 6-7 on a scale of 10 and looking like it will clean better). VG action having a tubular in-stock magazine, six-shot capacity. This Hotchkiss design was Winchesters first venture in to the bolt action market, and with about 89000 produced between 1879-1899, they were reasonably successful. The 1st Model was made between 1879 and 1883 and the improved 2nd Models were produced between 1883 to the end of the century. This carbine has G-VG metal and markings with a deep patina and only minor scattered spots of light pitting. Standard military style sights of the Springfield 1879 pattern. The stock is the weak point on this carbine in that, like many saddle guns, it suffers from a broken wrist and a poor (but solid) repair. It is functional as it is, but should be cosmetically repaired. Still, it is a good example of this model of Winchesters first bolt action design, and after a safety check, it should be a great shooter. G-VG $1175

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