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#4925 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB, relatively scarce 26” barrel length, 32WCF


#4925 Winchester 1873 OBFMCB, relatively scarce 26” barrel length, 32WCF, 3rd Variation, 293XXX (1889), ), smooth tight action, about a 5+ bore and should clean to about a 6. It does have some scale and light pitting the entire length, but is at least average or better than most ‘73s in this caliber. It should spin a bullet and be reasonably accurate to 75-100 yards. The exterior is an even smooth reblue with VG markings and average metal. VG-VG+ wood that shows just the light bumps and dings of 118 years and no serious damage. Aside of the overlength barrel, nothing special here, but a decent overall refinished appearance and a bit better than the usual ’73 in this price range, plus it is a scarce barrel length.. About VG. $1975

Price: $1,975.00

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