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#4969 Colt S/A, 7-1/2x45COLT, “U.S. Cavalry” model, 113XXX range (1884)


#4969 Colt S/A, 7-1/2x45COLT, “U.S. Cavalry” model, 113XXX range (1884), David F. Clark (DFC) inspected throughout. Bore is a 7-7+, the action is missing the 2nd click on the hammer, but is tight and indexes well. This Cavalry has a thin brownish- grey patina mixing with lighter tones and no major deficits of any consequence, but having scattered light “salt-n-pepper” pitting. It is well marked with the DFC inspector martial markings in all the correct places, and all numbers match. The grips look to be the originals to this gun and they fit well and have what appears to be a military marking (“1887”) but have no other grip cartouches remaining …which is very common since it also has some minor rim wear to the bottom on the grips. The right grip unfortunately has a deeply incised “JB” cut in the lower portion. The metal is decent and about average for what is basically a no-finish gun, but it has almost no pitting or serious wear anywhere on the barrel, so I highly suspect the barrel is an excellent restoration. The overall look is just that of being a very handsome old Indian War Era Colt. But suffice to say this …..that since many, if not most Single Actions have been restored, enhanced, and juiced-up to some degree (especially these militaries), one should always take this possibility into consideration (the barrel, for example) …and this gun has been valued with that probability in mind. There are a lot of photos to this VERY desirable old Indian fighter, so if they all don’t load (there are about 24 in all), just email me and I will forward them to you by return email. This is a real opportunity to own a real piece of the Wild West frontier history and a highly sought after early military cartridge handgun of the Indian Wars era …and one of the fastest value appreciators in the antique gun field. VG/VG+ $3995

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