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#2407 Allen & Thurber, Worchester, 1846 patented 6-shot, 34cal, so-called “Baby Dragoon” pepperbox


#2407 Allen & Thurber, Worchester, 1846 patented 6-shot, 34cal, so-called “Baby Dragoon” pepperbox with the longer (and larger caliber) 4-1/2” barrel group. A rather uncommon sized pepperbox, as most were the standard 31caliber. Apparently this was a short-lived attempt to fill the gap between the standard size pepperboxes and the large and heavy 36caliber Dragoon size. But it seems that this size was met with little or no interest and just this one model (that I know of) was made by the Allen firm, which was, by far, the most prolific maker of these early Gold Rush Era revolvers. Overall, this is just a smooth brown patina with some minor freckling here and there and scuffed original walnut grips that have no chips or splits. Mechanically VG altho’ the trigger return spring is weak and the trigger needs “nudging” to snap back. Scarce size and caliber and a not often encountered pepperbox. $675

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