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#4961 Colt S/A, 5-1/2”x45COLT, “U.S.” Artillery model


#4961 Colt S/A, 5-1/2”x45COLT, “U.S.” Artillery model with mixed serial numbers, as is correct, as these were dismantled Cavalry revolvers that were later altered in the late 1890s to the 5-1/2” Artillery length, then re-assembled with no regard to matching parts, and refurbished by Springfield Arsenal to replace the ineffective 38COLT D/A models in the early 1900s. The frame number is in the 31XXX range (1878) and being a rare and desirable Lewis Draper (“LD”) inspected Cavalry, the remaining numbers all mixed. Carr inspected barrel, Nettleton back strap, Clark triggerguard, and “J” (Johnson) cylinder. VG+ bore, about a 7+ on a scale of 10. Tight smooth action and a crisp lock-up …and while the hammer is the correct vintage for this period of Colt, it does look to have been replaced and is rather stiff cocking and will need some minor honing on the sides to be smooth. As can be seen in the photos, the exterior is mostly a smooth even crisp thinning blue and faded case on the frame overall and the metal is very good+ with no appreciable pitting. Address is dimly visible due to the refinishing in the late 1890s, the patent markings are VG, the one-piece walnut grips show no wear and have no cartouches on either side, but do have the R.A.C stamping by the last S/A military inspector and are likely arsenal replacements in 1903 when these were reassembled for service in the Philippines and they do fit well. Half moon ejector rod head which is correct for a late arsenal re-assembled weapon. A very decent Artillery and an extremely rare frame inspector with few known!! But suffice to say this …..that since many, if not most Single Actions have been restored, enhanced, and juiced-up to some degree (especially these militaries), one should always take this possibility into consideration (the grips, for example) …and this gun has been valued with that probability in mind. VG++$3995

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