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#3844 British Flintlock “Muff Pistol”


#3844 British Flintlock “Muff Pistol” (or Pocket Pistol), boxlock action with drop-trigger and slab sided grips, circa 1780-1820 manufacture. Marked “Huff” on one side and “G. Wallis” on the other with simple engraving. This fine little Muff Pistol (so named because women often carried these in their hand muffs during carriage rides in cold weather) appears almost unfired and has faint traces of thin finish remaining. With the exception of a few minor bumps and nick on the lower side of the screw-barrel, and a few nicks and chips on the wood grips, this is a Ex.Fine to Excellent late 1700s to early 1800s pistol. $695

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