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#4900 Colt 1851 Navy Model, 7-1/2”x36cal, 72XXX


#4900 Colt 1851 Navy Model, 7-1/2”x36cal, 72XXX (1857) 3rd Variation, and matching including both the wedge and rammer. Scarce “small iron-guard New York” marked Navy which was likely one of the guns and unfinished parts that were returned from the close London facilities. These so-called “Black Navies” were also purchased by the U.S. Navy prior to the Civil War, although this particular one does not have any military markings. Smooth even grayish brown exterior with a very decent cylinder scene remaining (about 80-90%). Decent action and the bore is typically dark with light scale and good rifling; about a “6-7” on a scale of 10. VG/VG+ original grips with average wear. The rammer has some faint traces of cloudy grey swirls of case hardening (see photos). All-in-all, still a very decent looking old Navy that likely saw the entire Civil War as a personal weapon of some soldier or officer. VG $2245

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