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#4870 Colt Model 1855 “Root” Sidehammer revolver, 20XXX serial range, Type 2


with 3-1/2” barrel, 28caliber, round cylinder with rolled scene (70% of which is still intact, but light). The exterior retains about 20-30% coverage of 30% density original blue-brown with some very good amounts of crystal bright blue in the more protected areas. Okay, that was the GOOD stuff. On the downside, the grips are VG and retain some original varnish but do have a chip at the toe edge. Mechanically, it is working smooth as glass ….which is nothing short of amazing since this 1855 Model almost drove Sam Colt into bankrupsy. However, this Root is a very, VERY decent piece to restore the tip of the grip and clean it up a little. VG++/Fine” as described. $995

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