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#4968 Colt S/A, 4-3/4”x32WCF, 131XXX (made in late 1890)


#4968 Colt S/A, 4-3/4”x32WCF, 131XXX (made in late 1890) and having a VG+ bore (about a 7-1/2 to 8 on a scale of 10). Tight lock-up and in fine tune with all the “clicks” on the hammer. Decent metal with a dark grey-brown patina but also having some scattered light to medium pitting, correct two-line barrel address, and good markings (caliber barrel marking a bit light). The original and very desireable hard rubber Eagle grips have about 30% wear to the right side and 20% on the left, so this was most likely used by a right-handed shooter for most of its 127-year life. It might be noted that the 32WCF was not very popular in the pre-1895 years, and finding one like this one having been made in 1890 is very uncommon. Overall, a decent little short-barreled .32 in above average condition. VG $3350

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