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#4865 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall 30”xNo.3x38/55 Deluxe Sporting Rifle


#4865 Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall 30”xNo.3x38/55 Deluxe Sporting Rifle, close-set DSTs, 4X pistol-gripped and checked shotgun butt style stock, post tang sight and Beeches flip-up front sight. Serialed in the 25XX range (c1886) ….but I have serious reservations whether this, in fact, the correct number as the font does not look correct to me. Bore is very good plus (about a “7++” on a scale of 10) and looks like it will clean even better and be very accurate. The barrel retains about 90%+ coverage with 10% density of thin plum brown and traces of faded swirly grey case colors left in the reciever. The forearm and pistol grip butt both are Fine and show no serious wear, dings, or bruises. It has a the scarce and VERY desirable close double-set triggers, but they definitely need to be thoroughly cleaned and adjusted as they are gummy and hard to pull . Common semi-buckhorn standard Sporting rear barrel sight; Lyman post style tang sight and the front sight is the Beeches flip-up ringed sight sight. Overall, this is a beautiful Deluxe Hi-Wall in a very popular shooters caliber with several “extra” features. Okay, all that said, now comes the bad part. Unfortunately, the barrel has been “nipped” about ¼” at the muzzle end, possibly to remove a funneled bore from cleaning with a steel rod and rubbing the muzzle too much ….or an other similar reason which damaged the muzzle. Except for the serial number and the barely noticeable barrel length, this is a really beautiful Deluxe Winchester. $3375

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