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#4926 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB w/SST, 45/75WCF


#4926 Winchester 1876 OBFMCB w/SST, 45/75WCF, very early 2nd model (39XX serial range, 1878 manufacture) with very desirable original thumbprint dust cover and having no caliber markings on either the barrel or elevator (as this was the ONLY caliber offered at that time). Fine action and VG+ bore, about a 7+ on a scale of 10 having strong rifling and just light lead build-up and some slight darkening in the grooves. The exterior has liberal amounts of a dulling and thinning blue mixing with plum brown on the barrel and mag tube, thinner density on the frame. There is some bruising at the barrel-frame junction from some knuckle dragging former owner clamping it in a vice and a few dings and dents on the barrel edges; markings are good, rear sight is the very sought after (and expensive) long range ladder sight and the front is the Rocky Mountain replaceable blade style. The downsides to this impressive old rifle are two-fold, the first being that the butt stock has some nasty slivers at the tangs (see photos), a fair bit of scuffing, and has a non-original “poor-boys grease cup” on the comb just forward of the buttplate, This is no doubt a left-over home-done addition from the owners habit of self lubricating the bullet which was almost a necessity on the old muzzle-loading Kentucky Rifles. The second "boo-boo" is that the lower tang has an old frontier repair at the tang and frame junction and this is almost a certainty the reason that the buttstock has those tang slivers. Either a horse rolled on the rifle when it was in the saddle scabbard, or a more colorful scenario might be that the owner had to club a Grizzly bear with the butt and broke the tang and slivered the stock at the same time! Now, if neither of these possibilities work for you, then make up your own tall tale, ‘cuz this is my story and I’m sticking to it!! Overall, a decent and impressive old Winchester, about VG as described and getting pretty danged hard to find such an early ’76 with a set trigger, the very desireable long range sight, the scarce and correct thumb-print dust cover ….AND also having a really decent action and bore!! $3350

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