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3038P Colt U.S. 1851 Navy-Navy, Iron B.S. & T.G., Hartford address, 1859.


3038P Colt U.S. Navy, 7 ½ inch barrel, 36 cal. percussion, iron trigger guard and back strap, Hartford barrel address, SN 90XXX manuf. 1859.
1851 Navies with the small U.S. stamp below the patent date on the frame in the serial range of 80,000-91,000 are classified as late Navy-Navies.
They were made with steel trigger guards and back straps and all had the Hartford barrel address.
N.L. Swayze book on 51 Colt Navies, page 90-91.

This is a pre-Civil War Colt that I am sure saw use for many years after the war was over, during the 1870’s time period.
I find the condition of this Military 51 Navy very interesting.
I have been dealing with antique percussion pistols for 25 years and I usually take them apart for cleaning, inspection and or repairs.
By handling numerous old pistols from the Civil War and Indian Wars time period you can learn a lot about how they were used, how they were cared for and if they have original or replaced parts.
This Navy was well cared for and carried in a holster for many years. I have seen this type of wear on many old antique pistols.
The top 3 flats on the muzzle and the top of the front sight have been rounded from being carried and drawn from a leather holster.
When riding a horse and having dust and sand in the bottom of a plugged leather holster the muzzle of the barrel becomes worn from bouncing up and down on the horse, as if you were filing it. Similar to a razor strop the barbers used to use to sharpen razors.
The balance of the metal surfaces show it was well cared for and only normal wear for a pistol used during that time period and now being 155 years old.

This is an all matching serial numbered martial 51 Navy, including the rammer, wedge, cylinder arbor, cylinder, trigger guard, barrel, back strap and grips.
Another item of interest is that it still has 70% of the safety pins on the back of the cylinder. Many collectors have not seen safety pins on old percussion Colt’s as most have been cut off or worn down.
The metal surfaces are smooth and the edges sharp. The original screws are in very good plus condition. The cylinder has 60% scene, the bore has strong rifling, light roughness and is a shiny 8.
The original wood grips have no cracks or chips and they fit like a glove. The grips are also interesting as they have a small hole notched out in the butt on each side of the metal butt strap. This was done for the use of a small leather strap used as a lanyard or tie down to keep your pistol from being lost while riding a horse.
These are all indicators of a well taken care of Colt as well as one that was used for many, many years.
A hard to find U.S. 51 Navy-Navy.
Overall condition very good plus.

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3038P Colt U.S. 1851 Navy-Navy, Iron B.S. & T.G., Hartford address, 1859.
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